Asparagus with Limgroup: New earlies varieties green asparagus, Asparagus in England and International Asparagus Days

New early green asparagus varity, asparagus in England, International Asparagus Days
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the assistance machine Ecogreen for green asparagus are in International Asparagus Days

Green asparagus machine harvest Ecogreen in International Asparagus Days Cesena Italia

Asparagus world situation: harvest with assistance machine asparagus by Fresh Plaza

Asparagus in the world and video of asparagus harvest

The last news of Limgroup

The demand from the market for early cropping asparagus varieties continues to grow. After a lengthy, and carefully run series of trials, Limgroup has succeeded in launching two new varieties, Aspalim and Frühlim, in a short time frame. These varieties perfectly satisfy the market demands in both the green and white segment.

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